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Laser marking machine-laser engraving machine


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    Positive Platinum Laser Technology Across Diverse Industries

    Jumbo Laser, which is well-known in the industry for its "light manufacturing technology", is a professional laser technology factory. In response to the era of low profit and the new global environmental protection manufacturing standards, Jumbo has been stationed in the Southern Science Park of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. From December 15th to 18th In the 2021 Taipei International Automation Industry Exhibition, the "Quick Start, Easy to Understand" laser module switch equipment was launched, including laser technology applications of various metals, non-metals, and com

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    Jumgbo Laser Creates AI Cloud Production

    Jumgbo Laser, which will set up a factory in Nanke to expand its services, has become a professional laser technology factory that the industry is competing for strategic cooperation with its "optical manufacturing technology". "Innovation·Intelligent Manufacturing" builds a laser technology application platform, combining AI, optics, big data analysis and cloud monitoring to ensure uninterrupted production and create maximum value for the enterprise.

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    Solomon and Zhengbo Laser released "AI 3D Vision Intelligent Laser Sculpture System"

    In view of the advancement of the laser process and the maturity of the technology, as well as the recent rise in awareness of green processing methods, laser engraving and related processing applications will be more widely used in products in all walks of life. Using the laser cleaning process to replace the use of polluting organic solvents, laser welding not only saves energy, but also reduces the impact of the heat-affected zone of the workpiece, improving the production quality and making it more beautiful. Laser engraving does not require ink, which is not easy to fall off and is more b

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    The 67th Park Review Meeting of the Ministry of Science and Technology approved the Nanke Investment Project

    Jumbo Co., Ltd. applied for investment and establishment in Nanke Tainan Park, with an investment of NT$40 million, to develop and produce industrial laser equipment. Zhengbo has the capabilities of laser optical path design and laser machine system integration. The technology developed by the company such as heterogeneous welding and vacuum welding can be applied to industries such as biomedicine, aerospace and precision fasteners. In addition, the laser machines produced by the company It is highly compatible and can be integrated with other brands of machines. The localized service the

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    Jumboguang Manufacturing Technology Laser Sheet Metal Exhibition Debuts

    As an expert in providing laser technology integration solutions, Zhengbo, a company that has rapidly emerged in the industry with "optical manufacturing technology", has launched various series of laser marking, laser welding and laser cleaning in response to demand. Developed by the market, it meets the industry's strict requirements for products before molding; in recent years, the company has become one of the preferred equipment providers for metal and non-metal process processors.

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    Jumbo invites young people to enter the world of plasma and laser

    Jumbo invites young people to enter the world of plasma and laser


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