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Jumboguang Manufacturing Technology Laser Sheet Metal Exhibition Debuts

Jumboguang Manufacturing Technology Laser Sheet Metal Exhibition Debuts

Source of information: Business Times   周榮發

As an expert in providing laser technology integration solutions, Zhengbo, a company that has rapidly emerged in the industry with "optical manufacturing technology", has launched various series of laser marking, laser welding and laser cleaning in response to demand. Developed by the market, it meets the industry's strict requirements for products before molding; in recent years, the company has become one of the preferred equipment providers for metal and non-metal process processors.
Chen Zhengyan, general manager of the company, said that Zhengbo's "optical manufacturing technology" is not a closed-door process. In addition to long-term technical cooperation with the Laser Center of the Industrial Technology Research Institute, it has also established collaborative development relationships with application companies to develop professional laser machines based on industry needs. Therefore, the laser equipment provided by Zhengbo has become a durable financial equipment that the industry relies on; The Subsidy Program for Robotic Innovation and Self-Manufacturing Bases”, among the 18 companies that passed the number of cases and received a total subsidy of nearly 70 million yuan, the company’s plan was forward-looking and effectively supported the development of domestic industries, and won the first place and received the highest subsidy; The plan also indirectly proves that Zhengbo has certain technical and development capabilities.
Chen Zhengyan pointed out that laser marking and welding are formed by using a high-energy-density laser beam as a high-efficiency and precise concentration of heat source; for laser welding, under laser irradiation, due to the absorption of light energy, the local temperature will be reduced. When the power density is appropriate, the metal of the partially irradiated part reaches the melting point, but does not vaporize. After the molten metal cools and solidifies, the two parts of the material are welded together.
In addition, laser welding is a non-contact processing method. Therefore, there is no external force on the welded parts, and the thermal influence of the welding body is extremely low, and it can weld refractory and difficult-to-weld metals. In addition, AI numerical control has been introduced. If combined with the cooperation of manipulators and robots, it can enter various operating environments and realize automatic welding in unmanned fields, which can not only ensure high production efficiency but also reduce occupational safety risks.
At present, Jumbo has also started the project of "optical manufacturing technology" AI numerical control intelligent manufacturing. This intelligent workstation, that is, in the back-end processing production line, introduces automation, big data analysis, optical inspection, etc., so that products can be automatically inspected before they are formed. Process quality, optimize the production line adjustment and precisely control the production capacity, so that the production capacity and quality can be visualized. From September 18th to 22nd, Taiwan Sheet Metal Laser Application Exhibition, Taichung International Conference Hall, Booth No.: Sheet Metal Equipment Area 1079.
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