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Positive Platinum Laser Technology Across Diverse Industries

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   Jumbo Laser, which is well-known in the industry for its "light manufacturing technology", is a professional laser technology factory. In response to the era of low profit and the new global environmental protection manufacturing standards, Jumbo has been stationed in the Southern Science Park of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. From December 15th to 18th In the 2021 Taipei International Automation Industry Exhibition, the "Quick Start, Easy to Understand" laser module switch equipment was launched, including laser technology applications of various metals, non-metals, and composite materials; this move not only quickly meets the needs of manufacturing plants and The laser process requirements of SI automation manufacturers are more in line with the industrial machine networking trend of international industrial laser application processes.

Chen Zhengyan, general manager of the company, said that the core technology of Jumbo is the multi-application of laser technology, and it is also the first professional laser manufacturer in China to launch "Laser Innovation·Intelligent Manufacturing". For cross-industry use, such as metal processing, electronic industry, automobile industry, sports equipment, hardware, food industry, construction and other industries, various processes can be carried out through laser technology, and can be built in various operating environments, in addition to effective help Customers greatly reduce labor costs and achieve stable quality and efficient production capacity. Diverse tailor-made, deeply loved by clients.



Chen Zhengyan went on to point out that with the new trend of international environmentally friendly manufacturing, it is required to review the carbon footprint in the manufacturing process to achieve the goal of carbon neutrality. If it fails to do so, carbon tariffs will be imposed. The promise of "net zero emissions" means that under the trend of reducing plastic and carbon, it will be eliminated if it does not change; therefore, Zhengbo has developed industrial laser marking to replace traditional inkjet, etching, plasma surface Replacing traditional roughing, chemical solvents, etc. by modification is an excellent environmental protection process solution.

In fact, Zhengbo's professional technology "quickly finds the best laser process effect for you" and achieves a friendly connection with the surrounding system, which is to transform and upgrade the traditional industrial manufacturing mode into a smart factory with laser processing combined with smart manufacturing; Today, the introduction of custom laser process elements is believed to be more conducive to international competition. At present, all kinds of laser equipment of Zhengbo are in nearly 100 listed cabinet companies and nearly 1,000 corporate customers; its industrial laser equipment includes laser marking, laser welding, laser cutting, laser cleaning, atmospheric plasma equipment Wait. 4th Floor, Hall 1, Nangang Exhibition Center (Booth No.: L202), contact number:(06)505-8858。


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