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Company Profile

Focus on laser and plasma application solution provider

Jumbo has been dedicating in designing and customizing laser system, working collaboratively with our customers. With a strong R&D and engineer team to emphasize on solving/fulfilling customers’ production need. Working hard to achieve every requirement to create a win-win situation and build a permanent relationship with customers, distributors, vendors and employee.

All-round technology and service Intelligent equipment injects new energy

Jumbo Laser is a professional laser supplier in Tainan, Taiwan. We provide comprehensive products including Laser Marking/Engraving/Cutting/Welding machines.

Core strengths across different industries

Jumbo has been successively working with Automotive Parts Industry and Textile Industry to provide customized laser machine with synchronic flying(tracking) laser marking system for your production line. With this customized system which will efficiently increase the quantity of output and easily compatible with your existing equipment/system.
We also passed plenty of patents in Taiwan/China, and now working closely with Industrial Technology Research Institute and other government organization.

An outstanding company moving towards a mainstream brand

Jumbo has the vision to be the best partner who can assist the industries to create values, and to be the leading laser machine provider. We look forward to cooperate with you to create a new era.

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