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Laser marking machine-laser engraving machine

Jumbo customized laser equipment to save manpower and increase production capacity

Jumbo customized equipment  Save manpower and increase productivity

The global trend of environmental protection and carbon reduction, industrial laser application has become the process trend. With the professional customized laser process of Zhengbo laser, according to customer needs, we develop [quick start, simple and easy to understand] laser marking modules and related laser equipment, which can quickly meet the needs of manufacturing plants and SIAutomation manufacturer's laser process requirements.
Like the vibrating disc laser marking machine displayed on the exhibition site, it not only helps customers to greatly reduce manpower requirements, but also helps customers improve80%The production capacity and the stable quality of laser engraving, the company's laser equipment is deeply loved by clients. Customer-oriented service principle, Zhengbo also provides a variety of tailor-made, flexible customized laser equipment to choose from.
This exhibition is the first exhibition of Zhengbo after it entered the Southern Science Park of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. The company can be connected with peripheral systems in a friendly manner. Such intimate functions are a must in the era of industrial machine networking. There are also experience zones for laser cleaning machines and handheld laser welding machines at the exhibition site.
Now Zhengbo Laser has laser optical path design and laser machine system integration capabilities, and has also successively obtained the industrial bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.CITDPlanning and Technology DepartmentAI-ROBOTAlliance Program, Tainan City GovernmentSBIRAt the same time, the company is actively cooperating with domestic top R&D units to challenge international level technology; Zhengbo's laser equipment includes laser marking, laser welding, laser cutting, laser cleaning, etc. Hundreds of listed companies and nearly 1,000 corporate customers. Zhengbo company contact telephone:(06505-8858

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