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Laser marking machine-laser engraving machine

Fiber Laser Rotating Disc Marking Machine

Laser marking custom design case

Fiber Laser Rotating Disc Marking Machine

Fiber Laser Rotary Disk Marking Machine

Applied Material / Field
  • ●Suitable for large and small size parts
    ●Various specifications can be customized

  • ● Rotary disc with manual feeding design to reduce labor cost本
    ● Automatic unloading to increase production capacity
    ● Dedicated to marking workpiece model, batch number, logo, size...etc.
    ● The marking is clear, not easy to wear, and the depth of engraving and marking can be controlled at will
    ● Jumbo laser patent is owned, counterfeiting must be investigated


    Product number

    • JBL-LMFseries
  • Application Introduction

    • Can realize deep, marking, product number, barcode, assembly line
  • Features

    • The marking spot is more detailed. The thermal influence is small. It has unique advantages for fine marking of various materials. The rotary table is equipped with manual feeding and automatic feeding design, which greatly reduces labor costs and increases production capacity.
  • Equipment Specifications

    • Laser source wattage :50W
      Marking range :110*110mm 
      Minimum line width :0.03mm
      Laser wavelength :1064nm
      best working environment :15~35℃ , <75%humidity
      power supply:3kw / AC220V
      cooling method:air-cooled
      Equipment size :1160*950*1660mm
  • Application industry

    • Optical fiber laser marking is widely used in various industries, such as hand tools, auto parts, electronic communications, hardware industry, fastener industry, glasses, etc. Selecting MOPA laser source can realize laser color engraving, mainly using the principle of metal thermal oxidation, suitable for stainless steel and titanium series metals.




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