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Laser marking machine-laser engraving machine

Customized double station laser welding machine

Laser welding

Customized double station laser welding machine

Customized double station laser welding machine

Applied Material / Field
  • ● Welding of thin sheet metal materials

  • ●  Double station machining
    ●  Full cover design
    ●  Flexible five-axis machining
    ●  Lifting guard
    ●  coaxial visual monitoring
    ●  Use domestic laser source
    ●  Low threshold for processing personnel
    ●  Listed cabinet company designated model

  • Product Specifications

    • JBL
  • Application Introduction

    • Tailor welding, lap welding, stitch welding, vertical welding and fillet welding can be performed for stainless steel, aluminum alloy, copper, titanium alloy, etc.
  • Features

    • Due to the characteristics of high efficiency, small spot and small thermal effect, it is mainly used for welding thin plate materials and rapid welding, and the double-station design accelerates production capacity. The whole machine adopts a full-cover protection design, and the machine is equipped with a lifting protection device, which makes the operator safer. The flexible five-axis linkage processing design makes the automatic welding angle more diverse and suitable for application.
  • Equipment Specifications

    • Laser source wattage :1500W
      display system :  industrial camera CCD
      sport control  :New Generation Welding Special Software
      power supply :3P AC220V  60HV
      Link function for automation :Five-axis linkage
  • Application industry

    • Often used in 3C electronics, auto parts, molds, battery welding, hardware supplies, etc.


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