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Smart Laser Marking Machine

Fiber laser marking series

Smart Laser Marking Machine

  • ● Visual positioning
    ● Random processing
    ● Auto focus
    ● Quality inspection after engraving
    ● Internal key parameter table
    ● Fool-proof cover
    ● One key switch
    ● Quick release cable design


  • Application Introduction

    • It can easily connect the core of operation and production, and the best helper for production history
  • Features

    • ● easy process
          Improve process technology and reduce non-value-added activities in the manufacturing process, thereby improving factory on-time delivery and production efficiency。
      ​​● easy to use
          Optimize equipment operation technology, even if you are not good at mechanical operators, you can easily understand the functions of the equipment without pressure, and get started with this product easily。
      ​​​●​​​​​ easy to connect
          Supports a variety of communication formats, suitable for connecting multiple integrated applications such as third-party systems, ERP, MES, etc., to achieve factory automation and intelligent production history。
  • Equipment Specifications

    • The Laser Source  Wavelength :1064  nm Class IV Laser
      The Laser SourcePulse Width :2~350ns    / 2~500ns
      The Laser SourceLaser Frequency :1~4000  kHz
      The Laser Source Average laser output power :20W/30W     /60W
      Laser Galvanometer  Speed:7200mm/s
      Laser Galvanometer  Effective Processing Area :    125x125mm
      Laser Galvanometer  Resolution  :Appcro 70μm
      Visual Detaction Area :85x120mm
      visual Distinguishability (H×V pixel ) :3784× 2748 pixel
      Visual Pixel Size :1.67 x1.67 μm
      Form - Woed :Chinese Characters,English Alphabet,Number,Mark
      Form- 1D Barcode :CODABAR、ITF、UPC_A、MSI、CODE_39、CODE_128、EAN_8、EAN_13
      Form- 2D Barcode::QR code、Data  matrix
      Form- Image map:    .JPG、.BMP、.PNG
      Form - Vector Diagram :.DXF、.PLT
      I/O Connector :inter:8ports、Output:8ports
      Cooling Mode:Forced Air Cooling
      Attached Program :CAD/CAM、COGNEX
      Axial Communication  Interface :Mechatrolink Ⅲ / Ether CAT
      Data Communication :LAN、USB、RS485
      Ambient  Temperature:0~40℃
      Environmenral Humidity :35~85%RH
      Avalible Sensing Range of Workpiece Distance :65~355mm
      PC CAD/CAM Interface Language :Traditional / SimplifiChinese, English
      Electricity :AC220V 50Hz / 60HZ
      Input /Output Connector:Inputs, Outputs, I/O Connection
      Connector :USB - A,VGA port,Ethernet
      Power Consumption :<1000VA
      Weight (Including laser source andPLC ) : Appcrox 40kg
      Laser Processing Part :Appcrox9.7kg



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