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Solomon and Zhengbo Laser released "AI 3D Vision Intelligent Laser Sculpture System"

Create a New Vision of Smart Manufacturing
In view of the advancement of the laser process and the maturity of the technology, as well as the recent rise in awareness of green processing methods, laser engraving and related processing applications will be more widely used in products in all walks of life. Using the laser cleaning process to replace the use of polluting organic solvents, laser welding not only saves energy, but also reduces the impact of the heat-affected zone of the workpiece, improving the production quality and making it more beautiful. Laser engraving does not require ink, which is not easy to fall off and is more beautiful. environmental Protection. Before laser engraving, the current practice is to manually arrange the workpieces on the jig, and each workpiece needs to have a point jig. After fixing the workpiece, the laser engraving starts. If the workpiece needs to be replaced At the same time, it is necessary to re-manufacture a jig suitable for the new workpiece, which consumes a lot of jig materials and labor costs for discharging and changing molds and lines. Under the influence of today's consumer generation's demand for innovative product design and the rapid elimination of product cycles, the traditional laser engraving process is no longer sufficient to cope with the production type of small quantities and diverse products with rapid product changes.

The "AI 3D Vision System" developed by Salomon uses AI 3D vision combined with a robotic arm. The workpieces can be stacked in a disorderly manner when incoming materials are received, without manual pre-arranging, and there is no need to make a unique point jig for each workpiece. Through AI vision After identifying the object to be processed, directly drive the robotic arm to grip the workpiece and move it directly to the laser engraving position to perform aerial laser engraving operations. Through the professional laser processing experience of Zhengbo Laser, customers will be able to establish the process of new products more quickly and connect the transfer positioning and neat layout of the workpiece after laser engraving, together with the intelligent management of big data, to achieve "zero line change". A smart manufacturing scenario with time difference and more flexible production. In order to share more new technologies of vision and laser processing with industrial users in southern Taiwan, Solomon will be together with Zhengbo Laser at the 2021 Tainan Automation Machinery and Smart Manufacturing Exhibition (booth: A322) exhibited "AI 3D Vision Intelligent Laser Engraving System". In addition to the latest vision and laser processing technologies and applications, there was also a wonderful laser intelligent manufacturing carnival forum, and experts from ITRI and New Generation Technology were invited. Come to share the integration of laser engraving process technology and AI 3D vision technology, as well as the new trends of laser engraving in the future. Facing the globalized industrial development, intelligent manufacturing and green energy production have become the common issues of the globalized manufacturing industry, and the laser processing intelligent manufacturing automation system is the best solution to this issue!


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