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Laser marking machine-laser engraving machine

1000W Laser Cleaning Machine

Laser cleaning

1000W Laser Cleaning Machine

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Applied Material / field
  • ●Removal of metal oxides such as rust and rust
    ●Anode removal
    ●paint removal

  • ● First choice for removing heavy embroidery
    ● Surface rust removal, paint removal, oil removal, cleaning
    ● Environmental protection, no consumables, labor saving, no solvent
    ● Ultra-lightweight cleaning tip
    ● Intuitive operation panel




  • Features

    • No consumables, complete machine design, can be used after power on. Suitable for heavy embroidery.
  • Equipment Specifications

    • Laser power : 1000W / 2000W
      Laser wavelength : 1064nm
      cleaning area : 10~100 mm
      Power adjustable range : 10~90%
      Fiber length :10M
      working environment :15℃~35℃
      environment humidity :<70%
      power supply :    AC220V   60Hz
      cooling method :water cooling
      Equipment size :670*1200*1000 mm
  • Application industry

    • Automobile manufacturing, machining, shipbuilding, mold industry, metal manufacturing...etc.

      1000W雷射清潔機外觀尺寸圖  雷射除鏽機

Advantages of laser cleaning

cleaning method Laser rust removal/Laser cleaning chemical pickling blast cleaning dry ice cleaning
contact Contactless  contact contact contact
Damage-free cleaning Nearly no damage  low damage high damage medium injury
cleaning precision High-precision cleaning  low precision cleaning low precision cleaning low precision cleaning
Degree of environmental pollution 無汙染 high pollution high pollution no pollution
consumables required No consumables  chemical cleaning agent Aluminum ball, iron ball dry ice

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